Polling Booth in Barama Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Barama

Polling booths falling under the Barama Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 Subankhata High School (RW)
2 Subankhata High School (LW)
3 Uttarkuchi L.P. School (RW)
4 Uttarkuchi LP School (LW)
5 Jharbasti L.P. School (RW)
6 Jharbasti LP School (LW)
7 Upendranath Memorial ME School (RW)
8 Upendranath Memorial ME. School (LW)
9 Amlaiguri L.P. School
10 Maithabari L.P. School
11 Nikashi L.P. School (RW)
12 Nikashi LP School (LW)
13 Nayapara Hastinapur L.P. School (LW)
14 Nayapara Hastinapur LP School (LW)
15 Saulkara L.P. School (RW)
16 Chaulkara LP School (LW)
17 Japadang Bapuji L.P. School (RW)
18 Japadang Bapuji LP School (LW)
19 Japadang Benchimari L.P. School
20 Japadang Milan M.E. School
21 Jopadong High School (RW)
22 Jopadong High School (LW)
23 Nayabasti MV School (RW)
24 Nayabasti High School
25 Nayabasti L.P. School
26 Nayabasti MV School (LW)
27 Pagladiyapar ME School
28 Barikadonga Milan L.P. School
29 Barikadonga Indira Gandhi M.E School (RW)
30 Borikadanga Indira Gandi ME School (LW)
31 Borikadanga Sonmati LP School
32 Odala No.1 L.P. School
33 Adivasi ME School
34 Odala No.2 L.P. School
35 Pakhamara High School (RW)
36 Pakhamara High School (LW)
37 No. 1 Bagulamari L.P. School (RW)
38 2 No. Bagulamari L.P. School
39 1 No. Bagulamari L.P. School (LW)
40 Baganpara High School (RW)
41 Baganpara High School (LW)
42 Uttarpara L.P. School (RW)
43 Uttarpara LP School (LW)
44 Baganpara Balika L.P. School (RW)
45 Baganpara Balika LP School (LW)
46 Baska Buniyadi LP School (RW)
47 Baska Buniyadi LP School (LW)
48 Thalkuchi Bapuji Vidyapith High School (RW)
49 Thalkuchi Bapuji Vidyapith High School (LW)
50 Tupalia M.V. School (RW)
51 Tupalia M.V. School (LW)
52 Khagrabari Balak L.P. School
53 Kadamtola L.P. School
54 Amguri L.P. School (RW)
55 Roumari L.P. School
56 Amguri L.P. School (LW)
57 Khagrabari Auronaday High School (RW)
58 Khagrabari Auronaday High School (LW)
59 Bala Bangaon L.P. School
60 Dhekibhanga Angardhowa LP School
61 Angardhowa High School (RW)
62 Angardhowa High School (MW)
63 Angardhowa High School (LW)
64 Palokata M.V. School
65 Jagrasupa LP School
66 Jartaluk Balika ME School (RW)
67 Jartaluk Balika ME School (LW)
68 Nichalamari Milan High School
69 No. 661 Santipur L.P. School (RW)
70 No. 661 Santipur L.P. School (LW)
71 Swahid Biren Das ME School (RW)
72 Swahid Biren Das ME School (LW)
73 Santipur Milan High School
74 Bherbheri L.P. School (RW)
75 Bherbheri L.P. School (LW)
76 Garbhitar High School (RW)
77 Garbhitar High School (LW)
78 Garbhitar High School ( MW)
79 Ghoramara MV School (RW)
80 Dhamdhama High School (LW)
81 Ghoramara MV School (LW)
82 Dhamdhama High School (RW)
83 No. 123 Dhamdhama Junior Basic School R W
84 No. 123 Dhamdhama Junior Basic School (LW)
85 No. 123 Dhamdhama Buniyadi Bidyalaya M W
86 No.424 Mahina L.P. School (RW)
87 No.424 Mahina L.P. School (LW)
88 Paschim Mahina L.P. School (RW)
89 Paschim Mahina L.P. School (LW)
90 Arunadoy High School
91 Khairabari LP School
92 Kumarpara L.P. School
93 1115 No Jaripara L.P. School
94 Tokankata No.2 L.P. School (RW)
95 Tokankata No.2 L.P. School (LW)
96 No.1 Murkuchiapara L.P. School
97 No.2 Murkuchiapara L.P. School
98 Nehru Anchalic High School (RW)
99 Nehru Anchalic High School (LW)
100 Anandapur L.P. School (RW)
101 Anandapur LP School (LW)
102 Anandapur Milan M.E. School
103 Borimakha High School (RW)
104 Borimakha High School (LW)
105 Dalbari Olongbar High School R W
106 Dalbari Alangbar High School LW
107 Pachim Baska Mouza High School
108 Sonsali L.P. School (RW)
109 Sonsali L.P. School (LW)
110 Saokuchi L.P. School
111 Agehia L.P. School
112 Badulipara Saokuchi Milan ME School
113 Gormara Kadamtola Milan M.E. School
114 Kadamtola Prathmik Vidyalaya
115 Gormara L.P. School
116 Kakalabari L.P. School
117 Gelpejar L.P. School
118 Anchalik High School
119 Nehru Milan High School (RW)
120 Nehru Milan High School (LW)
121 No.2 Batachara L.P. School (RW)
122 No.2 Batachara L.P. School (LW)
123 Barama College (RW)
124 Pachim Alagjhar janata LP School
125 Barama College (LW)
126 Barama Uttar Bazar L.P. School (RW)
127 Kaljar Sarkari Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya
128 Barama Uttar Bazar L.P. School (LW)
129 Bhogpur Jakoikhana L.P. School (RW)
130 Bhogpur Jakoikhana L.P. School (LW)
131 No. 700 Kharua L.P. School (RW)
132 Kharua Prathamik Sishu Vidyalai
133 No. 700 Kharua L.P. School (LW)
134 Bhalukdonga Vidya Mandir High School (RW)
135 Bhalukdonga Vidya Mandir High School (LW)
136 Namati Anchalik High School (RW)
137 No.815 Sarukuchijhar L.P.School
138 Namati Anchalik High School (LW)
139 Madhya Bongaon L P School
140 No. 290 Bhurkuchi L.P. School
141 Thaikarkuchi LP School (RW)
142 Kahibari LP School
143 Namati Vidyapith HS School (RW)
144 Namati Vidyapith HS School (LW)
145 179 No. Dabalabhitha L.P. School
146 Namati Ahilapara Prathmik Vidyalaya
147 Namati Mouza MV School (RW)
148 Namati Mouza MV School (LW)
149 Bamunbori L.P. School (RW)
150 Bamunbori L.P. School(LW)
151 Nathkuchi No.207 L.P. School
152 Basanti High School (RW)
153 Basanti High School (LW)
154 No. 2 Nathkuchi Tarun LP School R W
155 No. 2 Nathkuchi Tarun L.P School (LW)
156 Hirimba Bodo High School
157 Daloigaon L.P. School
158 No 1122 Jamunatary LP School
159 No 694 Ranakuchi L.P. School
160 Murmela L.P. School (RW)
161 Murmela L.P. School (LW)
162 Murmela L.P. School (MW)
163 Digheli L.P. School
164 Digheli High School
165 No.660 Madhapur L.P. School (RW)
166 No.660 Madhapur L.P. School (LW)
167 Sapra L.P. School (RW)
168 Sapra L.P. School (LW)
169 Mohkhali L.P. School (RW)
170 Mohkhali L.P. School (LW)
171 No.497 Dahkaunia L.P. School (RW)
172 No. 497 Dahkaunia LP School (LW)
173 Barama High School (RW)
174 Surendranath Das High School
175 Barama High School (LW)
176 Barjar No.657 L.P. School (RW)
177 Barjar No.657 L.P. School (LW)
178 No.657 Barjhar L.P. School (MW)
179 Suradi High Madrassa (RW)
180 Mahkharia L P School
181 Suradi High Madrassa (MW)
182 Suradi High Madrassa (LW)
183 Janaklyan High School
184 Pashim Suradi L.P. School
185 Semathiapara LP School (LW)
186 Semthiapara L.P. School (RW)
187 Bakuwajari L.P. School
188 Bagra L.P. School.
189 No.986 Gobaradal L.P. School
190 Gobaradal M.E. School (RW)
191 Gobaradal M.E. School (LW)
192 Sathikuchi Janata M.E. School (RW)
193 Sathikuchi Janata M.E. School (LW)
194 Bali Parthamik Vidyalaya (RW)
195 Bali Parthamik Vidyalaya (LW)
196 Bali High School (RW)
197 Bali High School (LW)
198 Haribhanga High School (RW)
199 Haribhanga Girls High School
200 Haribhanga High School (MW)
201 Haribhanga High School (LW)
202 Haribhanga Uccha Buniyadi School (RW)
203 Haribhanga Uccha Buniyadi School (LW)
204 Bhojkuchi MV School
205 Bhojkuchi L.P. School
206 Barpith L P School
207 Dakhin Bhojkuchi LP School

Last Updated: March 2021

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