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Polling Booths in Bokakhat Assembly Constituency, Assam

Polling Booth in Bokakhat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bokakhat

Polling booths falling under the Bokakhat Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 Sildubi ME School
2 No. 2 Hatikholi Chah Bagicha L.P. School (RW)
3 No. 2 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. School (LW)
4 No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. (RW)
5 No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. (LW)
6 Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School (RW)
7 Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School(LW)
8 Kaziranga National Park High School (RW)
9 Kaziranga National Park High School (M)
10 No 1 Sildubi LP School
11 Mohpora L.P.School(RW)
12 Mohpora L.P.School(LW)
13 Kaziranga National Park High School (LW)
14 Kohora Banuwa L.P.
15 Kaziranga High School (RW)
16 Kaziranga High School (LW)
17 Kaziranga L.P.School(RW)
18 Kaziranga L.P.School(LW)
19 Geleki M. E. School (RW)
20 Geleki M. E. School (M)
21 Geleki M.E.School (LW)
22 Siljuri Bagan L.P.School
23 Methoni Bagan L.P.School
24 Panbari Nigam (SC) L.P.School (RW)
25 Panbari Nigam (SC) L.P. School (LW)
26 Borjuri Bagan L.P.School
27 Borjuri Bonua L.P.School
28 Japori Pather M. E. School
29 Diffolloo Pathar L.P. School (RW)
30 Diffolloo Pathar L.P. School (LW)
31 Diffolloo Pathar High School (RW)
32 Diffolloo Pathar High School (LW)
33 Kandhulimari L.P. School (RW)
34 Kandhulimari L.P. School (LW)
35 Beloguri Missing Gaon L.P. School
36 Lotabari Bagan L.P. School
37 Borbheta L.P.School
38 Bohikhuwa Chapori L.P. School
39 Bohikhuwa Ganakati L.P. School
40 Bamungaon L.P. School
41 Kolakhowa L.P. School (RW)
42 Ashok Hazarika M. E. School (LW)
43 Ashok Hazarika M.E. School (RW)
44 Kolakhowa L.P. School (LW)
45 Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School (RW)
46 Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School (LW)
47 Koilakhat L.P. School
48 Balijan M.E. School (RW)
49 Balijan M.E. School (LW)
50 Balijan Adarsha Mising Gaon L.P.(RW)
51 Balijan Adarsha Missing Gaon L.P.School (LW)
52 Dhansiri Tribal MV School
53 Jogalati L.P. School(RW)
54 Soguri Chapori LP School
55 Jogalati L.P.School (LW)
56 Prongania Jyoti L.P.School
57 Missamoriya Gaon L.P.School
58 Namdoyang L.P. School (RW)
59 Namdoyang L.P. School (LW)
60 Mungilal Krishna Devi L.P.School (RW)
61 Mungilal Krishna Devi L.P. School (LW)
62 Bokakhat Hindi High School (RW)
63 Bokakhat Hindi High School (LW)
64 Bokakhat Town L.P. School
65 Bokakhat Higher Secondary School
66 Joypur L.P. School
67 Pub Da gaon L.P. School
68 Bokakhat Girls High School
69 Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School(RW)
70 Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School(LW)
71 Khotiakholi L.P. School (RW)
72 Khotiakholi L.P. School (LW)
73 Khotiakholi M.E. School
74 Nepalikhuti Bonuwa LP School
75 Rajabari High School ( RW)
76 Rajabari High School ( LW)
77 Rajgarh M.E. School
78 Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School (RW)
79 Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School (LW)
80 Kuruabahi Higher Secondary School
81 No 1 Kuruabahi L.P. School (RW)
82 No. 1 Kuruabahi L.P. School (LW)
83 Boraikhowa Chapori L.P. School
84 Jyotipur L.P. School (RW)
85 Jyotipur L.P. School (LW)
86 Mohmaiki Burjan L.P. School(RW)
87 Bokakhat Town High School
88 Mohmaik Burajan L.P. School (LW)
89 Jogigaon Bonuwa L.P. School
90 Neheru Bidyapith Kendra
91 Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School (RW)
92 Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School (LW)
93 Lokhowjan Bagan L.P. School
94 Lokhowjan Gohaigaon L.P. School
95 Nahorjan Bagan Mozdur Club
96 Kakojan L.P. School
97 Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School (RW)
98 Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School (LW)
99 Borchapori Bagan L.P. School
100 Borchapori Bagan Stuff Club
101 Borchapori Bagan Mazdoor Club
102 Behora Bagan Stuff Club
103 Behora Bagan L.P. School
104 Behora Bagan Labour Club
105 Behora Mikir Chang Bagan L.P. School
106 Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School (RW)
107 Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School (LW)
108 Numaligarh Bagan Mozdoor Club
109 Numaligarh Bagan Staff Club
110 Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School(RW)
111 Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School(LW)
112 Deopahar M. E. School (RW)
113 Deopahar M. E. School (M)
114 Deopahar M.E. School (LW)
115 Ruhita Chapori L.P. School
116 No. 2 Gogoimari Lohore Chapori L.P. School
117 Bonkuwal Senior Basic School (RW)
118 Bonkuwal Senior Basic School (LW)
119 Bonkuwal High School
120 Kemeri L.P.School
121 No. 1 Riri gaon L.P. School
122 Tajang Kutum M.E. School
123 Nikori Gutung L.P.School (RW)
124 Gutung L.P. School(LW)
125 Goroi mari L.P. School (RW)
126 Goroi mari L.P. School (LW)
127 Bortika L.P. School (RW)
128 Bortika L.P. School (LW)
129 No.2 Afala L.P. School
130 Mohuramukh High School (RW)
131 Mohuramukh High School (LW)
132 No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School ( RW)
133 No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School ( LW)
134 Dhudang Parghat L.P. School
135 Notun Parghat L.P. School
136 Rongagora L.P. School
137 Rongagora High School
138 15 No Mohura Borpother L.P. School
139 Srimanta Sankardev High School
140 Rangagora Bagan L.P. School (RW)
141 Rangagora Bagan L.P. School (LW)
142 Radhabari Bagan L.P. School
143 Panidihingia L.P. School
144 Kamargaon Senior Basic School
145 Mohura High School (RW)
146 Mohura High School (LW)
147 Bhakat Chapori L.P. School (RW)
148 Bhakat Chapori L.P. School (LW)
149 Gulung Pathori High School (RW)
150 Gulung Pathori High School (LW)
151 Nak -Kati M.E. School
152 Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School (RW)
153 Major Chapori L.P. School
154 Ragdia L.P. School (RW)
155 Ragdia L.P. School (LW)
156 Soshi Kanta Pathori M. E. School (RW)
157 Soshi Kanta Pathori M. E. School(LW)
158 Uppar Temera Jr. Basic School (RW)
159 Uppar Temera. Jr. Basic School (LW)
160 Misimiati Amguri L.P. School
161 11 No. Misimiati Namtemera L.P. School
162 Dusutimukh High School (RW)
163 Dusutimukh High School (LW)
164 Morongial Govt. L.P. School
165 Rogagora Bonua L.P. School (RW)
166 Rongagora Bonua L.P. School (LW)
167 Rongamoni L.P. School
168 Bon Bagicha Bonua L.P. School
169 No.1 Likson L.P. School
170 Bohotguri L.P. School
171 Badulipar Mozdur L.P. School (RW)
172 Badulipar Mozdur L.P. School (LW)
173 Leb Lebi L.P. School (RW)
174 Leblebi L.P. School (LW)
175 Rongamati High School (EAST)
176 Rongamati High School (WEST)
177 Rongamati High School (North)
178 Rongamati High School (SOUTH)
179 Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School (RW)
180 Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School (LW)
181 Apiram Gogoi Girls High School (RW)
182 Apiram Gogoi Girls High School (LW)
183 Golok Borbora High School (RW)
184 Golok Borbora High School (LW)
185 Goriajan TE M.E. School

Last Updated: March 2021

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