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Polling Booths in Boko Assembly Constituency, Assam

Polling Booth in Boko Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Boko

Polling booths falling under the Boko Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 Medhipara L.P. School
2 Sankardev High School R/W
3 Sankardev High School L/W
4 Palahartari L.P. School R/W
5 1 No. Palahartari L.P.School
6 Palahartari L.P. School L/W
7 Pathalipara L.P. School
8 Nagarbera L.P. School R/W
9 Nagarbera L.P. School L/W
10 Kalyanpur L.P. School R/W
11 Kalyanpur L.P. School L/W
12 Kalyanpur M E Madrassa R/W
13 Kalyanpur M E Madrassa (L/W)
14 Pub Naitor Khola Reserve L.P. School(R/W)
15 Pub Naitor Khola Reserve L.P.School (L/W)
16 Naitor L.P. School R/W
17 Naitor L.P. School L/W
18 Nagarbera High School
19 No. 60 parabat L.P. School
20 Pijupara L.P. School
21 Pijupara Bhathipara L.P. School
22 Sarudoba L.P. School
23 Jamle L.P. School R/W
24 Jamle L.P. School L/W
25 Jamle High School R/W
26 Jamle High School L/W
27 Bhakuradia M.E. Madrassa R/W
28 Bhakuradia M.E. Madrassa L/W
29 Bhakuradia L.P. School R/W
30 Bhakuradia L.P. School L/W
31 Bhakuradia Balika L.P. School R/W
32 Bhakuradia Balika L.P. School L/W
33 Rengeswari L.P. School R/W
34 Rengeswari L.P. School L/W
35 Rangeswari Pam L.P. School R/W
36 Rangeswari Pam L.P. School L/W
37 Tupamari Uttar Rangapani M.E. Madrassa R/W
38 Tupamari Uttar Rangapani M E Madrassa (L/W)
39 2 & 3 No.Tupamari L.P. School
40 No. 1 Tupamari L.P. School
41 Tupamari M.E. School R/W
42 Tupamari M E School (L/W)
43 Bartal Tupamari L.P. School R/W
44 Bartal Tupamari L.P. School L/W
45 Badla Tiapara L.P. School R/W
46 Badla Tiapara L P School (L/W)
47 Badla Rangapani High School (R/W)
48 Badla Rangapani High School (L/W)
49 No. 2 New Badlapathar L.P. School (R/W)
50 No.2 New Badlapather L.P.School (L/W)
51 Mandira L.P. School
52 Mandira NC Dakhin Para L P School R/W
53 Mandira N C Dakhin Para L P School (L/W)
54 Pachim Para L P School
55 Hekera H.S. School R/W
56 Hekera H.S. School M/W
57 Hekera H.S. School L/W
58 Uttar Rangapani L.P. School
59 No. 2 Uttar Rangapani L.P. School
60 Singrabari No. 1 L.P. School (R/W)
61 Singrabari No.1 L.P.School (L/W)
62 Malibari Satra L.P. School
63 Jugipara L.P. School
64 Nisilamari L.P. School
65 No. 495 Rangapani Muktab L.P. School
66 No. 3 Dakhin Rangapani M.E. School R/W
67 No. 3 Dakhin Rangapani M.E. School L/W
68 Dakhin Rangapani M.E. School R/W
69 Dakhin Rangapani M.E. School L/W
70 No.2 Dakhin Rangapani L.P. School R/W
71 No.2 Dakhin Rangapani L.P. School L/W
72 Sutirpar L.P. School
73 Choudhuripam L.P. School
74 Shourdiya L.P. School
75 Osman Gani Choudhury M.E. Madrassa
76 No.2 Pathalipara L.P. School R/W
77 2 No. Pathalipara L.P.School Left
78 Goroimari Char L.P. School R/W
79 Goroimari Char L.P. School L/W
80 Latariya Diya L.P. School R/W
81 Latariya Diya L.P. School L/W
82 Kanchu Dewani Memorial High School (R/W)
83 Kanchu Dewani Memorial High School (L/W)
84 Arikati Anchalik M.E. Madrassa R/W
85 Arikati Anchalik M.E. Madrassa L/W
86 Sontali H S School R/W
87 Sontali H. S. School (M/W)
88 Sontali H S School L/W
89 Sontali Satra L.P. School R/W
90 Sontali Satra L.P.School L/W
91 Pollymangal L.P. School R/W
92 Pollymangal L.P. School L/W
93 Kacharipam L.P. School R/W
94 Kacharipam L.P. School L/W
95 Saru Arikati L.P. School
96 Sontali Puran Gaon L.P. School R/W
97 Sontali Puran Gaon L.P. School L/W
98 No. 13 Bejor Suti L P School
99 Chamariapam L.P. School
100 No 88 Dakhin Selsuti L P School R-W
101 No. 88 Dakhin Selsuti L P School L-W
102 Jaokata Kismat Kathami L.P. School
103 Kismat Kathami L.P. School R/W
104 Kismat Kathami L.P. School L/W
105 Jaokatadia L.P. School R/W
106 Jaokatadia L.P. School L/W
107 No. 2 Jaokatadia L P School
108 Madhya Jaokatadia L P School
109 Duramari L.P. School
110 Dekasang High School
111 Dakhin Dekasang L P School
112 Natun Kathami Kalatoli High School R/W
113 Natun Kathami Kalatoli High School L/W
114 Natun Kathami Kahinur L.P. School R/W
115 Natun Kathami Kahinur L.P. School L/W
116 Bagariguri High School R/W
117 Baguriguri High School L/W
118 Mora Kalahi L P School
119 Malibari No.1 L.P. School
120 Malibari Pathar Alopati L.P. School
121 Malibari Pathar L.P. School R/W
122 Fakaruddin Ali Ahmed M.E. Madrassa
123 No. 2 Malibari Pathar L.P. School L/W
124 Dhampara Tajpur L.P. School R-W
125 Dhampara Tajpur L P School L-W
126 Neuldoba Kanailal L.P. School
127 Kahibari L.P. School (R/W)
128 Kahibari L.P. School (L/W)
129 Batiamari L.P. School (R/W)
130 Batiamari L. P. School (L/W)
131 Haolitati L.P. School R/W
132 Haolitati L.P. School L/W
133 Puthimari Salmara (SC) Anchalik M.E. School (R/W)
134 Puthimari Salmara (SC) Anchalik M.E. School (L/W)
135 Chamaria High School R/W
136 Chamaria High School (M/W)
137 Chamaria High School L/W
138 Sola L P School
139 Sola Baralimari Anchalik High School
140 Banarigaon L.P. School R/W
141 Banarigaon L.P. School L/W
142 Karigaon No 1 L P School R/W
143 Karigaon No.1 L.P. School L/W
144 Bamunbari L.P. School R/W
145 Jugipara L.P. School
146 No.1 Jogipara L.P.School (L/W)
147 Bamunbari L.P. School L/W
148 Berabhanga L.P. School
149 Prabin Kr. Choudhury High School R/W
150 607 Baruah L.P. School
151 Prabin Kr. Choudhury High School L/W
152 Baruagaon Pahartoli L.P. School R/W
153 Baruagaon Pahartoli L.P. School L/W
154 No.2 Makeli L.P. School
155 No. 2 Makeli Kalitapara L P School
156 No.2 Makeli SC L P School
157 Trilosan M.V. School R/W
158 Trilosan M.V. School L/W
159 Tamuldi Anchalik M.E. Madrassa (R/W)
160 Tamuldi Anchalik M.E. Madrassa (L/W)
161 Ghilabari L.P. School
162 Damalsoch Bapuji Vidyalaya
163 Tarabari Anchalik Majalia School R/W
164 Tarabari Anchalik Majalia School (M/W)
165 Tarabari Anchalik Majalia School L/W
166 Pukhuripar L.P. School
167 Jalukbari L.P. School
168 Sichapith Anchalik High School
169 Niz bekeli L.P. School
170 B K B Kamargaon L P School
171 Dekapara L P School
172 No 2 Bhatipara L P School
173 Silobari L P School R/W
174 Sialbari L P School (L/W)
175 Uttar Sekhadari L P School R/W
176 Uttar Sekhadari L P School L/W
177 Khaliha Nimna Buniadi School
178 Khaliha M E School
179 Dilinga Majpara M E School
180 Jabepara L P School
181 Dilinga Majpara L P School (R/W)
182 Dilinga Majpara L.P.School (L/W)
183 Kukurmara Balika L P School R/W
184 Kukurmara Balika L P School L/W
185 Bondapara Anchalik High School R/W
186 Bondapara Anchalik High School M/W
187 Bondapara Anchalik High School L/W
188 Sakhati L P School
189 Sakhati M.E. School R/W
190 Sakhati M E School L/W
191 Saraibaha L P School
192 Nambarjuli L P School
193 Rajapara Nepali Basti L P School
194 Mirzakaht L P School
195 Saikata L P School
196 Jarihat L P School R/W
197 Jarihat L P School L/W
198 Kadampara L P School R/W
199 Kadampara L P School L/W
200 Gamarimura M V School R/W
201 Gamarimura Anchalik High School
202 Gamarimura M V L/W
203 Bamunigaon L.P.School
204 Malang Salbari L P School R/W
205 Malang Salbari L P School L/W
206 Balashrik L P School Namtarabari
207 Uppar Tarabari L P School
208 Jarihat M E School
209 Roumari L P School R/W
210 Roumari L P School (L/W)
211 Nalapara L P School
212 Samuka Sr. Basic School
213 Janata High School R/W
214 Janata High School L/W
215 Hahim High School R/W
216 Hahim High School L/W
217 Puranmal Join M E School
218 Singra High School R/W
219 Singra High School L-W
220 Baripara L P School
221 No 138 Bargaon Bhalapara L P School
222 Puranmal Jain Girls M.E. School (R/W)
223 Puranmal Jain Girls M.E. School (L/W)
224 Narenga L P School
225 RupNagar Anchalik M E School
226 Rup Nagar High School R/W
227 Rup Nagar High School L/W
228 Durapara L P School R/W
229 Durapara L P School L/W
230 Sasthapur M E School
231 Bhalukghata Jr. Basic School
232 Bhalukghata M V School
233 Alokjari L P School R/W
234 Alokjari L P School R/W
235 Bhehuwa Basic School R/W
236 Bhehuwa Basic School L/W
237 Bhagdabari L P School (R/W)
238 Bhagdabari L P School (L/W)
239 Raipara Jr Basic School R/W
240 Raipara Jr. Basic School L/W
241 Kaliyabari L P School
242 Boko M V School R/W
243 Boko M V School M/W
244 Boko M V School (L/W)
245 Nabapur L P School (R/W)
246 Nabapur L P School L/W
247 Tepesia L P School
248 Boko High School R/W
249 Boko High School L-W
250 Langkona L P School
251 Khatkhati L P School
252 Boko Girls High School R/W
253 Boko Girls High School L/W
254 Dakuapara L.P. School
255 Mowman L. P. School
256 Purna Chandra Das L.P. School
257 Mawman M E School
258 Chakabaha L P School
259 Santigami M.E. School
260 Gohalkona High School R/W
261 Gohalkona High School (M/W)
262 Gohalkona High School L/W
263 Bangjeng L.P. School
264 Bhanubhakta L.P. School R/W
265 Bhanubhakta L.P. School L/W

Last Updated: March 2021

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