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Polling Booths in Chapaguri Assembly Constituency, Assam

Polling Booth in Chapaguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Chapaguri

Polling booths falling under the Chapaguri Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 Agranguri Forest L.P. School R W
2 Agranguri Forest L.P. School L W
3 No. 763 Natun Betbari Forest L.P. School (RW)
4 No. 763 Natun Betbari Forest LP School (LW)
5 Randhanipara L.P. School
6 No.366 Rangapani L.P. School (LW)
7 No. 366 Rangapani L.P. School (RW)
8 No. 264 Kamardoicha L.P. School (RW)
9 No. 264 Kamardoicha L.P. School (LW)
10 Daodhara M.E. School (RW)
11 Daodhara ME School (LW)
12 Upen Brahma ME School (RW)
13 Upen Brahma ME School (LW)
14 Himalya Charpanguri LP School
15 No.446 Odalguri L.P. School
16 Pakriguri LP School
17 Baniakuchi Majrabari L.P. School (RW)
18 Baniakuchi Majrabari L.P. School (LW)
19 Koklabari Govt L.P. School (RW)
20 Hazirapara LP School
21 Koklabari Govt L.P. School (LW)
22 No.618 Barghagra L.P. School
23 Nava Dihira L.P. School (RW)
24 Nava Dihira L.P. School (LW)
25 No.615 Rabangguri L.P. School (RW)
26 No.615 Rabangguri L.P. School (LW)
27 Bhogpur L.P. School
28 No.1137 Phularguri L.P. School
29 No.321 Betbari L.P. School (LW)
30 Kaklabari Girls High School
31 Simla Koklabari High School (RW)
32 Simla Koklabari High School (LW)
33 No.315 Tukurakuchi L.P. School (RW)
34 No.315 Tukurakuchi L.P. School (LW)
35 Karhana L.P. School (RW)
36 Karhana L.P. School (LW)
37 Silbari Minor School (RW)
38 Silbari Minor School (LW)
39 BCD M.E. School (RW)
40 BCD ME School (LW)
41 No.1 Angulia L.P. School (RW)
42 No.1 Angulia L.P. School (LW)
43 Angulia Natun Barala L.P. School
44 Swarna Balika M.E. School (RW)
45 Swarna Balika M.E. School (LW)
46 No.330 Paschim Khagrabari L.P. School (RW)
47 No.330 Paschim Khagrabari L.P. School (LW)
48 Golagaon Himachal High School (RW)
49 Golagaon Himachal High School (LW)
50 Dubagaon Kachumari L P School (RW)
51 Dubagaon Kachumari L P School (LW)
52 No 420 Batabari L.P. School (RW)
53 No 420 Batabari L.P. School (LW)
54 No. 90 Nalbari L.P. School (RW)
55 No. 90 Nalbari LP School (LW)
56 Karamtoli LP School
57 Naoputa Urang Basti LP School
58 901/1 No. Dangarigaon L.P. School
59 Nalbari M.E. School
60 No.1 Sakadal Minor School (RW)
61 Panimudri LP School
62 No.1 Sakadal Minor School (LW)
63 Chapaguri Koklabari Minor School (RW)
64 Chapaguri Koklabari Minor School (LW)
65 No.1 Laukhata L.P. School (RW)
66 No.1 Laukhata L.P. School (LW)
67 Arkara High School
68 Jarabari L.P. School (RW)
69 Jarabari L.P. School (LW)
70 Gadhuligaon L.P. School (RW)
71 Gadhuligaon L.P. School (LW)
72 No.1367 Kuzideur L.P. School
73 No.1 Bakuwa L.P. School (RW)
74 No.1 Bakuwa L.P. School (LW)
75 Gandhi High School (RW)
76 Gandhi High School (LW)
77 No. 1264 Dongpar Adarsha L.P. School
78 Anchali High School (RW)
79 Anchali High School (LW)
80 No. 1090/3 Jalah LP School (RW)
81 No. 1090/3 Jalah LP School (LW)
82 Jalah High School (LW)
83 Jalah High School (RW)
84 Pub-Khagrabari L.P. School (RW)
85 Pub-Khagrabari L.P. School (LW)
86 Pub-Khagrabari L.P. School (MW)
87 Bhebla L.P. School (RW)
88 Bhebla L.P. School (LW)
89 No. 882 Ghogapar L.P. School
90 No.786 Ulubari L.P. School (RW)
91 No. 786 Ulubari LP School (LW)
92 Saderi Supa L.P. School
93 Sankardev Jogdola L.P. School
94 No.472 Jogdola L.P. School
95 Thamna Binapani High School (RW)
96 Thamna Binapani High School (LW)
97 Handakuta L P School
98 Gaonrajasthan L.P. School
99 Raipur L.P. School
100 Tatlapara L.P. School (RW)
101 Tatlapara L.P. School (LW)
102 Charaimari L.P. School (RW)
103 Charaimari L.P. School (LW)
104 No. 1 Ahopa L.P. School (RW)
105 No. 1 Ahopa LP School (LW)
106 Palashguri LP School
107 Palashguri Gyanodoya LP School
108 Ahopa M.E. School
109 Ahopa High School
110 Sonapur Sishu Kalyan LP School
111 Garamdeu L.P. School
112 Garamdeu High School.
113 Bhebari No. 2 L.P. School
114 DOOMNI BAGAN L.P. School (RW)
115 Doomni Bagan LP School (LW)
120 Dekadong LP School (LW)
121 Sri Panchami Himali High School (RW)
122 Durgapur LP School
123 Sri Panchami Himali High School (LW)
124 Daimuguri LP School
125 Bhutankhuti L.P. School.
126 Bahadur Singh ME School (RW)
127 Bahadur Singh ME School (LW)
128 Arnibil Milan L.P. School
129 Dihira M.V School (RW)
130 Lanthibari L.P. School
131 Dihira M.V School (LW)
132 Dihira MV School (MW)
133 Lakhipur Binapani High School (RW)
134 Lakhipur Binapani High School (LW)
135 No. Subansri L.P. School
136 No. 1 Subansri L.P. School
137 BC Milon Minor School (RW)
138 B C Bazar L P School
139 Bagaribari L.P. Shool
140 B C Milon Minor School (MW)
141 Jynanodaya High School
142 BC Milan Minor School (LW)
143 C Block L.P. School
144 Narayanpur Milan High School (RW)
145 Narayanpur Milan High School (LW)
146 Narayanpur Milan High School (MW)
147 Jaipur LP School (RW)
148 Jaipur LP School (LW)
149 Matipur L.P. School (RW)
150 Matipur L.P. School (LW)
151 Manikpur L.P. School
152 Mushalpur M.V School (R/W)
153 Mushalpur M.V School (L/W)
154 Mushalpur Jr. Basic LP School (RW)
155 Mushalpur Jr. Basic LP School (LW)
156 Bangnabari L.P. School
157 Bathawphuri Bodo Academy High School (RW)
158 Bathawphuri Bodo Academy High School (LW)
159 Kataligaon Tatalapara LP School
160 Bathouphuri Boro Academy High School (MW)
161 No. 1119 Jwngsar LP School
162 Borbori Nehru High School (RW)
163 Barbari MV School
164 Borbori Nehru High School (LW)
165 No. 2 Lokpala L.P. School
166 No. 1 Lokpala L.P. School (RW)
167 No. 1 Lokpala LP School (LW)
168 Chaibari L.P. School
169 Mainao M.E. School
170 Barimakha Bodosa LP School (RW)
171 Barimakha Bodosa LP School (LW)
172 Bunbari L.P. School
173 Belguri Pathar No.1 L.P. School (RW)
174 No. 2 Belguripathar L.P. School
175 Belguri Pathar No.1 L.P. School (LW)
176 Bapuji High School
177 Bapuji High School (LW)
178 Puran Mushalpur LP School
179 Uzirbari L.P. School (RW)
180 No. 2 Uzirbari L.P. School (LW)
181 No. 2 Uzirbari L.P. School
182 Rampur Milan PrimarySchool
183 Rampur Nathkuchi Sikshabanti ME School
184 Katahbari L.P. School
185 Chemathiapara L.P. School
186 Athiabari Vidya MandirHigh School (RW)
187 Athiabari Vidya MandirHigh School (MW)
188 Athiabari Vidya MandirHigh School (LW)
189 Pamuapathar L.P. School (RW)
190 Pamuapathar L.P. School (LW)
191 Pub Athiabari L.P. School
192 Manasa Girls High School (RW)
193 Manasa Girls High School (LW)
194 Singrapara Bennabari L.P. School (RW)
195 Singrapara Bennabari L.P. School (LW)
196 Hazirapara L.P. School
197 No 1133 Bennabari L.P. School (RW)
199 Odalbari M.E. School (RW)
200 Odalbari M.E. School (LW)
201 No.552 Geruapara L.P. School
202 No. 443 Uzan Nalbari L.P. School
203 Goldingpara L.P. School
204 Ulubari LP School
205 No.1 Hatirtari LP School
206 Damalbari LP School
207 Karemura Ronaishree High School (RW)
208 Karemura Ronaishree Hgih School (LW)

Last Updated: March 2021

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