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Polling Booths in Jalukbari Assembly Constituency, Assam

Polling Booth in Jalukbari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jalukbari

Polling booths falling under the Jalukbari Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 Gog L.P. School
2 Gog M E School
3 No. 1 Bhomolahati L.P School (R/W)
4 No. 1 Bhomolahati L.P School (L/W)
5 No. 2 Bhomolahati L.P. School
6 Agdola L.P. School (R/W)
7 Agdola L.P. School (L/W)
8 Agdola Chariali High School (R/W)
9 Agdola Chariali High School (L/W)
10 Khudra Palaha L.P.School (R/W)
11 Khudra Palaha L.P.School (M/W)
12 Khudra Palaha L.P. School (L/W)
13 Khudra Palaha LP School (E/W)
14 Kamrup Vidyapith (R/W)
15 Kamrup Vidyapith (M/W)
16 Kamrup Vidyapith (L/W)
17 Agdola Alipub L.P. School (R/W)
18 Agdola Alipub L.P. School (L/W)
19 Khehenipara Balika High School (R/W)
20 Khehenipara Balika High School (L/W)
21 Bazera High School (R/W)
22 Bezera High School (L/W)
23 Salmara L.P. School (R/W)
24 Salmara L.P. School (L/W)
25 Saraighat L P School
26 Nabajyoti L.P.School
27 Alta L.P. School (R/W)
28 Alta L.P. School (L/W)
29 Mandakata High School (R/W)
30 Mandakata High School (E/W)
31 Mandakata High School (M/W)
32 Mandakata High School (L/W)
33 Satgaon Pukhuripar L.P. School (R/W)
34 Satgaon Pukhuripar L.P. School (L/W)
35 Lenga Naba Milan L.P. School (R/W)
36 Lenga Naba Milan L.P. School (L/W)
37 Dirgheswari M.E. School
38 Bornijora L.P. School (R/W)
39 Bornijora L.P. School (L/W)
40 Mandakata Nadirpar L.P. School
41 Madhyamoni M.E. School
42 Simalubari L.P. School
43 Khairapara L.P. School
44 Rang Mahal Muktab L.P. School
45 Rang Mahal High School (R/W)
46 Rang Mahal High School (L/W)
47 Bamunigaon L.P. School
48 Barchandra L.P. School
49 Lachit Smriti Minor School (R/W)
50 Lachit Smriti Minor School (L/W)
51 Jalah Bhangurisupa LP School
52 Jalah High School
53 Jalah Baralabari M.E. Madrassa (R/W)
54 Jalah Baralabari M.E. Madrassa (M/W)
55 Bhetamukh L.P. School (R/W)
56 Bhetamukh L.P.School (L/W)
57 Changsari Jr. Basic School (R/W)
58 Changsari Jr. Basic School (L/W)
59 Changsari Jr. Basic School (M/W)
60 Changsari H.S. School (R/W)
61 Changsari H.S. School (L/W)
62 Dhopatari Silbharal High School (R/W)
63 Dhopatari Silbharal High School (M/W)
64 Dhopatari Silbharal High School (L/W)
65 Dhopatari L.P. School (R/W)
66 Dhopatari L.P. School (L/W)
67 Bonmaja Jr. Basic L.P. School (R/W)
68 Bonmaja Jr. Basic L.P. School (L/W)
69 Athiaboi L.P. School (R/W)
70 Athiaboi L.P. School (L/W)
71 Molong L.P. School
72 Chowki L.P. School (R/W)
73 Chowki L.P. School (L/W)
74 Gouripur L.P. School
75 Sila Mahekhaiti L P School (R/W)
76 Sila Mahekhaiti L P School (L/W)
77 Sila Karoibari L.P. School (R/W)
78 Katamur L. P. School
79 Sila Karoibari L.P. School (L/W)
80 Abhoypur L.P. School (R/W)
81 Abhoypur L P School (E/W)
82 Abhoypur L.P. School (L/W)
83 Abhoypur L.P. School (M/W)
84 Rudreswar L.P. School (R/W)
85 Rudreswar L.P. School (L/W)
86 Bengali LP School Amingaon (R/W)
87 Bengali LP School Amingaon (M/W)
88 Bengali LP School Amingaon (L/W)
89 Railway DTP School Amingaon (R/W)
90 Railway DTP School Amingaon (L/W)
91 Saraighat High School (R/W)
92 Saraighat High School (M/W)
93 Saraighat High School (L/W)
94 Saraighat High School (E/W)
95 Amingaon High School (R/W)
96 Amingaon High School (M/W)
97 Amingaon High School (L/W)
98 Amingaon High School (E/W)
99 Manikaraneswar L P School (R/W)
100 Manikaraneswar L P School (L/W)
101 Anandaram Barua Sr. Basic School (L/W)
102 Anandaram Baruah Senior Basic School (R/W)
103 Auniati Kamaldev Institute Right Wing
104 Auniati Kamaldev Institute Middle Wing
105 Auniati Kamaldev Institute (L/W)
106 Auniati Kamaldev Institute (E/W)
107 Majgaon Balak L.P. School (R/W)
108 Majgaon Balika L P School
109 Majgaon Balak L.P. School (L/W)
110 Tiling Gaon L.P. School (R/W)
111 Tilingaon L P School (L/W)
112 Bani Vidyapith (R/W)
113 Bani Vidyapith (M/W)
114 Bani Vidyapith (L/W)
115 Sarboday Vidyalay (R/W)
116 Jai Hind Club
117 Azad Hind Club
118 Sarboday Vidyalay (L/W)
119 IWT Slipway Project Office Guest House Right
120 Rly Institute, Pandu GRP Camp
121 IWT Slipway Project Office Guest House Left
122 Bani Vidyapith ME School
123 N P M E High School (R/W)
124 N P M E High School (L/W)
125 Bidya Niketon High School (R/W)
126 Bidya Niketon High School (M/W)
127 Bidya Niketon High School (W/W)
128 Bidya Niketon High School (L/W)
129 Bidya Niketon High School (E/W)
130 Bidya Niketon High School (N/W)
131 Pandu Adarsha High School
132 Rabindra Bidyapith (R/W)
133 Rabindra Bidyapith (E/W)
134 Rabindra Bidyapith (L/W)
135 Rabindra Bidyapith
136 Maligaon L.P. School (R/W)
137 Maligaon L.P. School (L/W)
138 Bolbhadra Ojha High School (M/W)
139 Bolobhadra Ojah High School (R/W)
140 Bolobhadra Ojah High School (L/W)
141 Pandu College (R/W)
142 Pandu College (M/W)
143 Pandu College (N/W)
144 Pandu College (S/W)
145 Pandu College (L/W)
146 Pandu College (E/W)
147 Bidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (W/W)
148 Bidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (R/W)
149 Bidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (N/W)
150 Bidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (M/W)
151 Bidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (L/W)
152 Bidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (E/W)
153 Golap Chand Mannalal Join Hindi L.P. School (R/W)
154 Golap Chand Mannalal Join Hindi L.P. School (L/W)
155 Dream Land School Right Wing
156 Dream Land School Left Wing
157 Sishu Siksha Niketon Rest Camp (R/W)
158 Sishu Siksha Niketan Rest Camp (L/W)
159 Hindi Bidya Mandir (R/W)
160 Hindi Bidya Mandir (L/W)
161 Hindi Bidya Mandir (M/W)
162 N F Railway Recreation Club Right
163 N F Railway Recreation Club Left
164 N F Railway Recreation Club Middle
165 Kamakhya H. S. School (R/W)
166 Kamakhaya H. S. School (L/W)
167 Kamakhaya H S School (M/W)
168 Jiban Ram Durgasarobar L.P.School (R/W)
169 Jiban Ram Durgasarobar L.P.School (L/W)
170 Dhingarbari L.P. School (R/W)
171 Dhingarbari L.P. School (L/W)
172 1261 Dhingarbari L.P. School (R/W)
173 1261 Dhingarbari L.P. School (L/W)
174 Nowapara Bapuji L.P. School (R/W)
175 Nowapara Bapuji L P School (M/W)
176 Nowapara Bapuji L.P. School (L/W)
177 Dadara Basic School (R/W)
178 Dadara Basic School (L/W)
179 Dadara Higher Secondary School (R/W)
180 Dadara Higher Secondary School (L/W)
181 Dalibari Magalia School (R/W)
182 Bargaon Ketekijar M.E. School
183 Dalibari Magalia School (L/W)
184 Agyathuri L.P. School (R/W)
185 Agyathuri L.P. School (L/W)
186 Agyathuri LP School (M/W)
187 Pacharia Sishu Vidyalaya (R/W)
188 Pacharia Sishu Vidyalaya (M/W)
189 Pacharia Sishu Vidyalaya (L/W)
190 Alikash Bamunbari High Madrassa (R/W)
191 Alikash Bamunbari High Madrasa (M/W)
192 Alikash Bamunbari High Madrassa (L/W)
193 Pakorkona LP School
194 Singimari L.P. School (R/W)
195 Singimari L.P. School (L/W)
196 Rowmari Minor L.P. School
197 Kismat Bangsar L.P. School
198 Niz Gandhmow L.P. School
199 Gandhmow L.P. School
200 Gandhmow M.E. Madrassa (R/W)
201 Gandhmow ME Madrasa (L/W)
202 Ganesh Das Janajatiya Balika School (R/W)
203 Ganesh Das Janajatiya Balika School (L/W)
204 Sualkuchi Balak Majalia School (R/W)
205 Sualkuchi Balak Majalia School (M/W)
206 Sualkuchi Balak Majalia School (L/W)
207 Sualkuchi Balak Majalia School (N/W)
208 Ganesh Das High School (R/W)
209 Ganesh Das High School (L/W)
210 Ganesh Das High School (M/W)
211 Sanatan Balia L.P. School (R/W)
212 Sanatan Balika L P School (L/W)
213 Sualkuchi Janata L.P. School (R/W)
214 Sualkuchi Janata LP School (E/W)
215 Sualkuchi Janata L.P. School (M/W)
216 Sualkuchi Janata L.P. School (L/W)
217 Sualkuchi Adarsa L.P. School (R/W)
218 Harmohan Vidyapith
219 Sualkuchi Adarsa L.P. School (M/W)
220 Sualkuchi Adarsa L.P. School (L/W)
221 Sualkuchi Higher Secondary School (R/W)
222 Sualkuchi Higher Secondary School (L/W)
223 Sualkuchi Kaibartapara L.P. School (R/W)
224 Sualkuchi Kaibartapara L.P. School (L/W)
225 Suwalkuchi Kaibartapara LP School (E/W)
226 Sualkuchi Kaibartapara L.P. School (M/W)
227 K.R.K. Girls High School (R/W)
228 K.R.K. Girls High School (L/W)
229 KRK Girls High School (M/W)
230 Srihati Shyamrai Vidyapith (R/W)
231 Srihati Shyamrai Vidyapith (M/W)
232 Srihati Shyamrai Vidyapith (L/W)
233 Bathan L.P. School (R/W)
234 Bathan L.P. School (L/W)
235 Niz Bangsar Tribal LP School (R/W)
236 Niz Bangsar Tribal LP School (L/W)
237 Bangsar Jalti Das High School (R/W)
238 Bangsar Jalti Das High School (L/W)
239 Bangsar Jalti Das High School (M/W)
240 Bangsar Jalti Das High School (E/W)
241 Bhringeswar LP School
242 Sanpara L.P. School (R/W)
243 Sanpara LP School (L/W)

Last Updated: March 2021

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