Polling Booth in Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mangaldoi

Polling booths falling under the Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 Barsatra L.P. School (Right)
2 Barsatra LP School (Middle)
3 Barsatra L.P. School (Left)
4 Niz Dahi L.P. School (Right)
5 Dahi Club
6 Niz Dahi L.P. School (Left)
7 Dahi MV School (R )
8 Dahi MV School (L)
9 Barathiabari Saru Jaljali L.P. School (Right)
10 Barathiabari Saru Jaljali LP School (Left)
11 226 Nagaon L.P. School
12 Harinkhoja L.P. School (Right)
13 Harinkhoja L.P. School (Left)
14 Harinkhoja L.P.School (Middle)
15 Karsalabari L.P. School (Right)
16 Karsalabari LP School (M)
17 Karsalabari L.P. School (Left)
18 Nagaon L.P. School (Right)
19 Nagaon L.P. School (Left)
20 Dhowapara L.P. School (Right)
21 Dhowapara LP School (M)
22 Dhowapara L.P. School (Left)
23 Chapara L.P. School (Right)
24 Chapara L.P. School (Left)
25 Naharbari L.P. School (Right)
26 Naharbari L.P. School (Left)
27 Outala HS School (Right)
28 Outala HS School (M)
29 Outala HS School(Left)
30 Bechimari L.P. School (Right)
31 Bechimari L.P. School (Left)
32 Adhikari High School (Right)
33 Adhikari High School (Left)
34 Barampur L.P. School (Right)
35 Barampur L.P. School (Left)
36 Dekargaon L.P. School (Right)
37 Dekargaon LP School (M)
38 Dekargaon L.P. School (Left)
39 Barangabari L.P. School (Right)
40 Barangabari L.P. School (leftt)
41 Barangabari LP School (M)
42 Chamuapara L.P. School (Right)
43 Chamuapara L.P. School (Left)
44 Saloipara L.P. School (Right)
45 Saloipara L.P. School(Left)
46 Saloipara LP School (M)
47 Ramhari L.P. School (Right)
48 Ramhari LP School (M)
49 Ramhari L.P. School (Left)
50 Binowa L.P. School (Right)
51 Binowa L.P. School (Left)
52 Binowa LP School (M)
53 Pub Mangaldai M.E.School (Right)
54 Pub Mabgaldai ME School (M)
55 Pub Mangaldai M.E.School (Left)
56 Chapai Barjhar L.P. School (Right)
57 Chapai Barjhar LP School (Left)
58 Kehotali L.P. School (Right)
59 Kehotali LP School (M)
60 Kehotali L.P. School (Left)
61 Hetou Arimari L.P. School(R )
62 Kacharibari LP School
63 Hetou Arimari L.P. School(Middle)
64 Hetou Arimari LP School (Left)
65 Kanmuji L.P. School (Right)
66 Chalanikuchi L.P. School
67 Kanmuji L.P. School (Left)
68 Tengabari L.P. School (Right)
69 Tengabari L.P. School (Left)
70 Tengabari L.P.School (Middle)
71 Mangaldai Bidyapith HS School (Right)
72 Mangaldai Bidyapith HS School(Left)
73 Uttar Mangaldai L.P.School (Right)
74 Uttar Mangaldai L.P.School (Left)
75 Santipur Girls High School (Right)
76 Santipur Girls High School (South)
77 Santipur Girls High School (Left)
78 Santipur Girls High School (Middle)
79 Mangaldai Gaon L.P.S (Santipur) (Right)
80 Mangaldai Gaon L.P.S (Santipur) (Left)
81 Mangaldai Town HS (Right)
82 Mangaldai Town HS l (Left)
83 Mangaldoi Town High School (South)
84 Mangaldai Town High School (M)
85 Mangaldai B. Ed. College
86 Mangaldai Girls HS School ( R)
87 Mangaldai Girls HS School ( L)
88 Lengeripara L.P. School (Right)
89 Lengeripara LP School (M)
90 Lengeripara L.P. School (Left)
91 Bandia Chapori L.P. School (R)
92 Bandia Chapori L.P. School (L)
93 Bandia Girls L.P. School (R)
94 Bandia Girls L.P. School (L)
95 Bandia Girls LP School (M)
96 K Bandia L.P. School
97 Medhipara ME School (Right)
98 Medhipara ME School (Left)
99 Saikiapara L.P. School (Right)
100 Saikiapara L.P.School (Left)
101 Bhakatpara L.P. School (Right)
102 Bhakatpara L.P. School (Left)
103 Cherpur L.P. School (Bogdia) (Right)
104 Pachim Cherpur LP School
105 Cherpur L.P.S (Bogdia) (Left)
106 Cherpur LP School (Bogdia) (M)
107 Kalitapara L.P. School (Right)
108 Kalitapara LP School (Left)
109 Bardowaneza L.P.School (Right)
110 Bardowaneza LP School (M)
111 Bardowaneza L.P. School (Left)
112 Punia L.P. School (Right)
113 Punia LP School (Left)
114 Latakhat L.P. School (Right)
115 Latakhat LP School (M)
116 Latakhat L.P. School ?(Left)
117 Chilabandha L.P. School (Right)
118 Chilabandha LP School (Left)
119 Shyamabari Majgaon L.P.School (Right)
120 Shyamabari Majgaon LP School (left)
121 Chenialpara L.P. School (Right)
122 Chenialpara LP School (left)
123 Niz Shyamabari LP School (Right)
124 Batabari L.P. School (Right)
125 Batabari L.P. School (Left)
126 Niz Shyamabari L.P. School (Left)
127 Dalgaon Block L.P.S (Right) (Niz Kharupetia)
128 Dalgaon Block L.P.School (Middle), Niz Kharupetia
129 Dalgaon Block L.P. School (Left) (Niz Kharupetia)
130 Balogara L.P. School (Right)
131 Balogara LP School (left)
132 Jogipara L.P. School (Right)
133 Jogipara L.P. School (Left)
134 Pachim Jogipara Adarsha L.P. School
135 Baigarmari L.P. School (Right)
136 Baigarmari L.P. School (M)
137 Baigarmari L.P. School (Left)
138 Baigarmari Community Hall
139 Kharupetia L.P. School (Right)
140 Kharupetia L.P. School (M)
141 Dalgaon Sialmari BDOs Office (Right)
142 Dalgaon Sialmari BDOs Office (Left)
143 Kharupetia L.P. School (Left)
144 Kharupetia LP School (Middle)
145 No. 2 Thekerabari L.P. School (R)
146 No. 2 Thekerabari L.P. School (L)
147 Balabari High Madrassa (Right)
148 Balabari High Madrassa (Middle)
149 Balabari High Madrassa (Left)
150 Hirapara L.P. School (Right)
151 Hirapara L.P. School (Left)
152 Hirapara MV School ( Right)
153 Hirapara MV School (Left)
154 No. 1 Majgaon L.P. School (Right)
155 No. 1 Majgaon L.P. School (left)
156 Gelaidingi L.P. School (Right)
157 Gelaidingi LP School (Left)
158 Ondolajhar L.P. School (Right)
159 Ondolajhar L. P. School (Middle)
160 Ondolajhar L.P. School (Left)
161 Paniakhat L.P. School (Right)
162 Paniakhat L.P. School (Left)
163 Paniakhat L.P. School (Middle)
164 Tangnijhar L.P. School (Right)
165 Tangnijhar L.P. School (Left)
166 No. 1 Magurmari LP School (Pachim Par)
167 No 1 Magurmari LP School (Pachim Par) (Left)
168 No. 1 Non ke Magurmari LP School (Dakhin Par)
169 Chitalkati L.P. School (Right)
170 Chitalkati LP School (Left)
171 Magurmari L.P. School (Right)
172 Magurmari L.P. School (left)
173 Athakata L.P. School (Right)
174 Athakata L.P School (left)
175 Khataniapara LP School (Right)
176 Khataniapara LP School (Left)
177 Khataniapara GP Office (Right)
178 Khataniapara GP Office (Left)
179 Dhansirikash Kathani L.P.School ( R)
180 Dhansirikash Kathani L.P.School (L)
181 Gadhowa Chapari Basumiya L.P. School
182 Gadhowa Chapari L.P. School (Right)
183 Gadhowa Chapari L.P. School (middle)
184 Gadhowa Chapari L.P. School (Left))
185 Kachi Char L.P.School (Pachim Chuba)(Right)
186 Kachi Char L.P. School ( Pachim Chuba (Left)
187 Non-K-Garapari Chapari L.P.School (Left)
188 Garapori Chapari L.P. School (New Buliding)
189 Garapari Chapari Dakhin Chuba LP School (R)
190 Garapari Chapari Dakhin Chuba LP School (Left)
191 Baghpari Adarsha M.E. School (Right)
192 Baghpari Adarsha M.E. School (M)
193 Baghpari Adarsha M.E.School (Left)
194 Baghpari Samaj Kalyan ?L.P. School (Right)
195 Baghpari Samaj Kalyan LP School (Left)
196 Baghpari Gandhismriti Vidyalya (Right)
197 Baghpari Gandhismriti Vidyalya (left)
198 Kharpori L.P. School
199 Bheberghat L.P. School (Right)
200 Bheberghat L.P. School (Left)
201 Upahupara L.P. School (R )
202 Upahupara L.P. School (L)
203 Bamunpara Girls L.P.School (Right)
204 Bamunpara Girls L.P.School (Left)
205 No.1 Bezpara Bharati L.P.School (R )
206 No.1 Bezpara Bharati L.P.School (L)
207 Bamunpara L.P. School (Right)
208 Bamunpara L.P. School(Left)
209 Bamunpara L.P. School (Middle)
210 Areng Girls L.P. School (Right)
211 Areng Girls L.P. School (Middle)
212 Areng Girls L.P. School (Left)
213 No.40 Mowamari ?L.P.School (Right)
214 40 No. Mowamari L.P.School (Middle)
215 No.40 Mowamari ?L.P.School (Left)
216 No.235 Mowamari ?L.P. School (Right)
217 No. 235 Mowamari L.P.School (Left)
218 Natun Town L.P. School (Right)
219 Natun Town L.P. School (M)
220 Natun Town L.P. School (Left)
221 Mangaldai Law College (Right)
222 Mangaldai Law College (M)
223 Mangaldai Law College (Left)
224 Mangaldai Law College (South)
225 Mangaldai Collegiate HS School (Right)
226 Mangaldoi Collegiate High School (East)
227 Mangaldai Collegiate HS School (Left)
228 Mangaldoi Collegiate High School (West)
229 Chereng Chapari ?L.P. School
230 Bangalgarh MV School (Right)
231 Bangalgarh MV School (Left)
232 Kamarpara L.P. School (Right)
233 Kamarpar L. P.School (Left)
234 Nagarbahi Karimiya ME Madrassa (Right)
235 Nagarbahi Karimiya ME Madrassa(Left)
236 Nagarbahi Karimiya ME Madressa (M)
237 Mollapara L.P. School(Right)
238 Mollapara L.P. School(Left)
239 Punia L.P. School (Right)
240 Punia L.P. School (Left)
241 Pakbangipara L.P. School (Right)
242 Pakabangipara L.P School (Left)
243 Kuiyapani L.P.School (Aulachowka) (Right)
244 Kuiyapani L.P.School (Left) (Aulachowka)
245 Pachim Rangmati H.S.School (Right)
246 Pachim Rangmati H.S.School (Left)
247 Choto Nagaon L.P. School ( R)
248 Choto Nagaon L.P. School (Left)
249 Barthekerabari L.P.School (Right)
250 Barthekerabari L.P. School (Left)
251 Saruthekerabari L.P.School (Right)
252 Saruthekerabari L.P.School (Left)
253 Saruthekerabari L.P. School (M)
254 No 233 Katahguri LP School
255 Niz Rangamati LP School (right)
256 Niz Rangamati L.P. School (Left)
257 Bhalukkhowapara L.P. School
258 Bhalukkhowapara L.P. School (Left)
259 Dariapara L.P. School
260 Manitari L.P. School
261 Borachuba L.P. School
262 Borachuba LP School (Left)
263 No.2 Ghatarag L.P. School
264 Janaklyan ME Madrassa (Right)
265 Janaklyan ME Madrassa (Left)
266 Janaklyan ME Madrassa (M)
267 Bhokelikanda L.P. School
268 Dhariaikhaity ?L.P. School (R)
269 Dhariaikhaity ?L.P. School (L)
270 Dhariaikhaity L.P. School (M)
271 BangaL.P.ota ?L.P. School
272 No.1 Chaulkhowa ?L.P.School (Right)
273 No. 1 Chaulkhowa ?L.P.School (Left)
274 No.2 Chaulkhowa ?L.P. School
275 Aparia L.P. School (Right)
276 Aparia L.P. School ?(Left)
277 No.1 Aparia L.P. School(Right)
278 No.1 Aparia L.P. School(Left)
279 Puthimari Chapari ?L.P. School
280 Gashbari ?L.P. School (Right)
281 Gashbari L.P. School (M)
282 Gashbari ?L.P. School (Left)
283 Puthimari Janata ME School
284 Puthimari Janata ME School (Left)
285 No.5 Nangli ?L.P. School
286 Arikati ?L.P. School
287 Chatihara ?L.P. School
288 No.1 Nangli L.P. School
289 No.4 Nangli ?L.P. School (Right)
290 No. 4 Nangli LP School (Left)
291 No.2 Nangli ?L.P. School (Right)
292 No 2 Nangli L.P School (left)

Last Updated: March 2021

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