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Polling Booths in Nalbari Assembly Constituency, Assam

Polling Booth in Nalbari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nalbari

Polling booths falling under the Nalbari Assembly Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.


Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name
1 No. 2 Rangafali L.P. School
2 Rangafali MV School (RW)
3 Rangafali MV School (LW)
4 Naherbari L.P. School (RW)
6 Naherbari L.P. School (LW)
7 Balitara Vidyapith High School (RW)
8 Balitara Vidyapith High School (LW)
9 Balitara No.1 L.P. School
10 Balitara High School (RW)
11 Balitara High School (LW)
12 Majusiral L.P. School (RW)
14 Chataibari M E School
15 Keheruwa Chataibari LP School
16 Mahendra Narayan Choudhury L.P School
17 Uttar Barsiral No. 1 L.P. School (RW)
18 Uttar Barsiral No. 1 L.P. School (LW)
19 Pub-Barsiral L.P. School (RW)
20 Pub Barsiral L P School (LW)
21 Niz Barsiral M.E. School
22 Bangaon L.P. School
23 P B Alliya High School (RW)
24 P B Alliya High School (LW)
25 Alliya M.E. School
26 Acharya Binowa M E School
27 Tinipukhuri L.P. School
28 Choto Alliya Milan L.P.School(RW)
29 Choto Alliya Milan L P School (LW)
30 Naba Sakti M.E. Madrassa
31 Narayangaon L.P. School (RW)
32 Narayangaon L.P. School (MW)
33 Narayangaon L.P. School (LW)
34 P B Anchalik M E Madrassa
35 No.676 Sonkuriha L.P. School (RW)
36 No.676 Sonkuriha L.P. School (LW)
38 Paschim Banbhag HS School (RW)
39 Bhadra Bangal L.P. School
40 Paschim Banbhag HS School (LW)
41 Kathalgor Bamuntola L.P. School
42 Sagarkuchi No.2 L.P. School (RW)
43 Sagarkuchi No.2 L.P. School (LW)
44 Barbistupur L.P. School
45 Khudrabistupur LP School
46 Jnanendra Malla Bujarbarua High Scool
47 Nilpur L.P. School
48 Banbhag Ghuhkuchi High School
49 Banbhag Khata Dihjari High School
50 Dihjari LP School
51 Jugurkuchi Sripur L.P. School
52 No.409 Bar Agra L.P. School
53 Dhantola L.P. School
54 Khudra Katara L.P. School
55 Katara High School
56 Namati L.P. School (RW)
57 Namati M.E. School
58 Namati L.P. School (LW)
59 Khudra Katala Barkuchi L.P. School (RW)
60 Uttar Nalbari Vidyapith High School
61 Khudra Katala Barkuchi L.P. School (LW)
62 Moiradonga Milan L P School
63 Katala Barkuchi L.P. School
64 Bardhantuli L.P. School (RW)
65 Bardhantuli L.P. School (LW)
66 Sariahtoli Gopalthan L.P. School (RW)
67 Sariahtoli Gopalthan L.P. School (LW)
68 Bal Bhavan High School (RW)
69 Bal Bhavan High School (LW)
70 Barsarkuchi L.P. School (RW)
71 Barsarkuchi L.P. School (LW)
72 Barkura L.P. School (RW)
73 Barkura L.P. School (LW)
74 2. No Barkura Milon L.P. School
75 Haripur L.P. School (RW)
76 Haripur L P School (LW)
77 Balikaria Basudev L.P. School (RW)
78 Balikaria Basudev L.P. School (LW)
79 Balikaria Malipara L.P. School (RW)
80 Balikaria Malipara L.P. School (LW)
81 Balikaria Kalibhawan L.P. School (RW)
82 Balikaria Kalibhawan L.P. School (LW)
83 Bhubaneswari Balika L.P. School (RW)
84 Bhubaneswari Balika L.P. School (LW)
85 Nalbari Commerce College RW
86 Majdia L.P. School (RW)
87 Majdia L.P. School (LW)
88 Ajara Joymangala L.P. School
89 Kharjara Kanya L.P. School
90 Nalbari Commerce College LW
91 Nalbari Commerce College MW
92 Nalbari Commerce College 4th Wing
93 Terechia L.P. School
94 Debiram Pathsala High School (RW)
95 Debiram Pathsala High School (LW)
96 MNC Balika College (RW)
97 Debiram Pathsala High School (MW)
98 Debiram Pathsala High School (Hall)
99 Haidar Ali Adarsha L.P. School
100 Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Vidyapith (RW)
101 MNC Balika College (LW)
102 Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Vidyapith (LW)
103 MNC Balika College (MW)
104 Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Vidyapith (MW)
105 Pratap Narayan MV School (RW)
106 Pratap Narayan MV School (LW)
107 Fakirtola Moktab School (RW)
108 Fakirtola Moktab School (LW)
109 SRD Join High School
110 Nalbari Moktab (RW)
111 Nalbari Moktab (LW)
112 Sonpur Namah Sudra L.P. School (LW)
113 Harijan Sishu Hindi Vidyapith
114 Sonpur Namah Sudra L.P. School (RW)
115 Puspakpur L.P. School (RW)
116 Puspakpur L.P. School (LW)
117 Nalbari Girls High School (RW)
118 Nalbari No.1 Basic School (RW)
119 Nalbari Girls H E School (LW)
120 Nalbari No.1 Basic School (LW)
121 Nalbari Girls High School (MW)
122 Keshab Narayan Gyanpith High School (RW)
123 Keshab Narayan Gyanpith High School (Hall)
124 Keshab Narayan Gyanpith High School (LW)
125 Keshab Narayan Gyanpith High School (4th Wing)
126 Poila L.P. School (RW)
127 Poila L.P. School (LW)
128 Pub Nalbari Vidya Mandir High School (RW)
129 Brajalakshmi HE School (RW)
130 Brajalakshmi HE School (MW)
131 Brajalakshmi HE School (LW)
132 Barkhanajan L.P. School
133 Dhaniram L.P. School
134 Kendukuchi L.P. School
135 Rupjyoti High School (RW)
136 Rupjyoti High School (LW)
137 Gobindapur L.P. School
138 Dibyajyoti Girls M.E. School.
139 675 No. Sahpur L P School
140 Jajiabori L.P. School
141 Rajkadomtol High School (RW)
142 Sandha Koirara L.P. School
143 Dakhin Sandha Milan L.P. School (LW)
144 Dakhin Sandha Milan L.P. School (RW)
145 Porakuchi L.P. School (RW)
146 Porakuchi L.P. School (LW)
147 Paikarkuchi L.P. School
148 Sandha Abhoyram L.P. School
149 Rajkadomtol High School (LW)
150 Pub Nalbari Vidya Mandir High School (LW)
151 Digheli L.P. School
152 Balikuchi MV School
153 Balilecha MV School (RW)
154 Balilecha MV School (MW)
155 Balilecha MV School (LW)
156 Khatamouza Kali Mandir High School
157 Barmurikona No.2 L P School (RW)
158 Dr Kashinath Sarma Balika Vidyapith
159 Barmurikona No.2 L.P. School (LW)
160 Kardoitola L.P. School
161 Dalbari Kaniha Moktab L.P. School
162 221 No Bhitha L.P. School (RW)
163 221 No Bhhitha L.P. School (LW)
164 Borajol High School
165 No.2 Borajal LP School
166 Borajol High Maddrassa
168 Ponar Kaunia L.P. School
169 Akana L.P. School (RW)
170 Akana L P School (LW)
171 Sathamou L.P. School
173 No. 703 Majarbari L.P. School
174 Koyakuchi L.P. School
175 Pitpara Vidyapith M E School
176 Daluwa L.P. School (RW)
177 Daluwa L.P. School (LW)
178 Poichara LP School
179 Ghograpar High School (RW)
182 Bilpar Balak L.P. School
183 Narikuchi L.P. School
184 Satra L.P. School (RW)
185 Satra L.P. School (LW)
186 Niz Khagota L.P. School (RW)
188 Burburi L.P. School
189 Chiling Milan M E School
190 Niz Borigog LP School
191 No.872 Kundargaon L.P. School
192 Pub Nalbari High School
193 Barjaberihati L.P. School
194 Pub-Banbhag M.E. School (RW)
195 Pub-Banbhag M.E. School (LW)
196 161 NO Kathara Nimna Buniyadi Bidyalaya
197 Borigaon L.P. School
198 Narpara L.P. School
199 Amara Bardhanara Milan L.P. School (RW)
200 Amara Bardhanara Milan L.P. School (LW)
201 Siddhi Sarma Girls High School
202 Thanpatkuchi L P School
203 Satama Girls L.P. School (RW)
204 Satama Girls L.P. School (LW)
205 P B Dhirdutta H S School (RW)
206 P B Dhirdutta H S School (LW)
207 Larma Batakuchi L.P. School (RW)
208 Larma Batakuchi L.P. School (LW)
209 Purna Kamdev L.P. School
210 Baharghat UcchaBuniyadi School (RW)
211 Baharghat UcchaBuniyadi School (LW)
212 Arara Joypalthan MV School (RW)
213 Bhadra L.P. School
214 Arara Joypalthan M.V. School (L.W)
215 Arara Balak L.P. School (RW)
216 Arara Balak L.P. School (LW)
217 Amayapur L.P. School (RW)
218 Amayapur L.P. School (LW)
219 Tilana L.P. School
220 Tilana M E School
221 Nandagaon L.P. School
222 Mugkuchi L.P. School (RW)
223 Mugkuchi L.P. School (LW)
224 No. 916 Bala Mugkuchi L P School
225 No.726 Barajara L.P. School (RW)
226 No.726 Barajara L.P. School (LW)
227 Janigog (Karebari Supa) L.P. School
228 Dakhin Bezara L.P. School
229 Janigog No.1 L.P. School
230 Dakshin Janigog L.P. School (RW)
231 Dakshin Janigog L.P. School (LW)
232 Amayapur Alengidal MV School
233 Amayapur Alengidal M.E. School
234 Nityananda Girls High School (RW)
235 Nityananda Girls High School (LW)
236 Chandkuchi Public High School (RW)
237 Chandkuchi Public High School (LW)
238 Chandkuchi Gopalthan L.P. School
239 827 No. Doukuchi L.P. School
240 Gopalthan Polytechnical Institute (RW)
241 Gopalthan Polytechnical Institute (LW)
242 Niz Bahjani L.P. School (RW)
243 Niz Bahjani L.P. School (LW)
244 Niz Bahjani M.E. School (RW)
245 Niz Bahjani M.E. School (LW)
246 Hem Barua Vidyapith M.E. School
247 M C Milan High School (RW)
248 M C Milan High School (LW)
249 Madhapur No.2 L.P. School
250 Dakshin Bahjani Panchayat
251 No 500 Charia L.P. School
252 Pub-Kalakuchi High School (RW)
253 Pub-Kalakuchi High School (LW)
254 Deharkalakuchi L.P. School (RW)
255 Deharkalakuchi L.P. School (LW)
256 No. 713 Paschim Khatar Kalakuchi L.P. School
257 Kumarikata L.P. School
258 Dakhin Pokowa Bahjani Milan HE School
259 Jaha L.P. School

Last Updated: March 2021

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