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Booth Label Micro

Micro-level booth management through constant engagement with the voters is reckoned to be the best hope for Parties in the absence of strong local leadership. Meanwhile, the rank and file expect the strategy to be finalised and streamlined during the visit of the party’s national president when he will hold extensive interactions with booth-level workers.

Micro-Management Strategies Point – 

  • Party office bearers should meet and decide travel itinerary with mandal level officials
  • Collection of polling booths that assess the party’s strengths and weaknesses on the ground
  • Revise voter list and remove those who are not in station
  • Study previous election results at booth level
  • Hold booth strengthening drives
  • Make a list of local influencers
  • Make a list of local seers
  • Make a list of people who lost Panchayat elections.
  • Carry out rally in every village
  • Booth strengthening drives targeting youth
  • Carry out social media work
  • Creation of WhatsApp groups
  • Gain feedback from people in constituency
  • Area organisers and outsiders should decide division of joint work
  • Start discussions to create page leader
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