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Micro-level booth management through constant engagement with the voters is reckoned to be the best hope for Parties in the absence of strong local leadership. Meanwhile, the rank and file expect the strategy to be finalised and streamlined during the visit of the party’s national president when he will hold extensive interactions with booth-level workers.  A comprehensive preparation at the booth level for any election is very important. There is a small booth of booth voters. Each constituency is made up of several booths. In any constituency in India, there are mostly more than 250 booths and each booth has more than 600 and 1000 voters. This is a widespread style of voters. There can be more than 1000 voters at any booth. Electoral preparation at Booth Star can mean understanding various aspects of the demographics at the booth, patterns of voters’ behavior more efficiently. This makes it easy for political parties to understand the basic features of voting. Our team is capable of creating major research in your constituency.

The voter is always worried about his problems, so if any leader tries to understand those problems in his constituency. So the attachment of votes is supposed to increase. Our team works to take note of all those issues which mean a lot to a large section. Working with an organization like ours gives you the impetus to make your political flight a success. You can leave your indelible impression at booth level through various facts. We work on the following aspects at the booth level in some of the following ways.

Booth Lable Research & Management Strategies Point – 

  • Identification of issues for and against the party
  • To know the voting pattern of voters in relation to gender, age and caste
  • Setting up a youth committee at the booth level
  • Party office bearers should meet and decide travel itinerary with mandal level officials
  • Collection of polling booths that assess the party’s strengths and weaknesses on the ground
  • Making contact with booth level officers and being active on regular basis
  • Creating a diary of effective voters and establishing a war room at the booth level for them
  • Revise voter list and remove those who are not in station
  • Study previous election results at booth level
  • Hold booth strengthening drives
  • Make a list of local influencers
  • Make a list of local seers
  • Make a list of people who lost Panchayat elections.
  • Carry out rally in every village
  • Booth strengthening drives targeting youth
  • Carry out social media work
  • Creation of WhatsApp groups
  • Gain feedback from people in constituency
  • Area organisers and outsiders should decide division of joint work
  • Start discussions to create page leader

We do many types of surveys at the booth level. We decide these surveys according to the current situation in the constituency. The type of survey determines what the party’s position is in the current constituency and which booth level survey can benefit us. The telecasting phase of the survey is completed through social media and plain format. Our survey team reflects public statistics, age, business, caste, society and major issues in the booth. It is not necessary that the issue mentioned by the people at the booth is effective in your election, but it is a booth survey to note the logo of the people prominently, although this cannot be denied. The issue is that our team makes it prominently in your favor. Our political research team assesses the booths with you and gives you Angla Tasks during elections, what you need to do in your area and how to strengthen your position.

Voters at all booths are important to win the election. Our team makes sure that you hold your booth level. Which of your weakness has been made in the public. Better election management changes your electoral direction. In our booth survey, our team improves your relationship with some influential people at each booth. That is why people use our organization for their electoral services. It can not be denied that if the booth survey is done door to door, then there is a possibility of getting a lot of benefits. It is very difficult for any leader to go from house to house during election time. In this case, election care can help you.

Why choose Election Care for comprehensive research at the booth level?

In the successful flight of politics, Election Care works on the principle of voter power. Our surveyors have a good experience and they have special political experience at the booth level of what and how to talk on Booth Star. Our team also understands data effective systems. By going to the booth to discuss issues, you are able to assess your current political situation at each booth. Our pollsters find themselves in the same environment between the views of your regional language and the views of the voters, so that they win the hearts of the voters and share their open thoughts among our surveyors.

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