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Let’s Change history 

Our Services are Digital Base. With Seasoned strategist and the best creative mind in the Political  and IT services, We have all the right team to get good done…


ElectionCare Services

Electioncare uses Political survey and political information technology to change voter behavior. Visit our Political survey or Political information technology divisions to see how we can help you.

Political Survey & Campaign

We supporting to Political Parties / Individual Candidates strategically To Grow Faster. To Enhance the future or current Political Background.

IT Services

We provide Customized all IT Services to Clients to Develop & Marketing their website or App, Bulk SMS, IVR Services and Voice Call.

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Political Campaign
  • Opinion Poll/Exit Poll
  • Political Research
  • Election Campaign
  • Vote Appeal & Awareness
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Political Survey
  • Voter List In Excel
  • Data Collection
  • Door to Door
  • Booth Label Micro
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Adwords Campaign
  • Display / Banner Ads
  • ReMarketing Ads
  • Gmail Ads
  •  Geographically Targeted
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  • Facebook Promotion
  • Twitter Promotion
  • Whatsup marketing
  • Youtube Advertizing
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  • Promotion SMS
  • Transtional SMS
  • Election SMS Campaigning
  • OTP Services
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  • Voice Broadcast (OBD)
  • Voice With DTMF
  • Text To Voice
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  • Hosted IVR
  • Toll Free Number
  • Miss call Alert
  • Virtual Number
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Software/Mobile App
  • Voter Search app
  • Voter Management app
  • Janta Darwar Solutions
  • Election Management Software
  • pdf to excel converter

Political Election Campaign & Promotion

If you’re thinking about starting an IT business, one of the essential steps is specifying your services. Provide political e-campaign service in India to help you boost up your image & reputation using the target society (Voters). We have professional & skilled staff with more years experience in political e-support.

Time is very important in political e-campaign because the right message at right time should reach people so that it may help in increasing the followers and reaching the targeted audience in limited time. Developing a positive image and to make sure it reaches to each and every person in the constituency.

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