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Do You Need Voter Management Software?

Election care Solutions is the best organization for providing the election management software system, which is a secure web-based software system with the latest technology. We are specializing in election management software. Election Corporation is better and better in each corporation and state elections. We are constantly looking for the latest concepts and updates about software.

To win elections, candidates need to make connections with voters at the most fundamental level.  Volunteers knock on doors, hand out literature and win the battle on  the ground for hearts, minds and yard signs.

Organizing a good field operation can produce a win for your candidate, but it’s easy to get over whelmed by the sheer volume of information needed to get the job done. Our software for politicians has developed powerful voter management software to help campaigns process that mountain of data and turn it into something useful, allowing them to target their messages more effectively and to easily track who they’ve talked to and when.
Campaigns have tight budgets and need to choose how and when to spend money. Voter management software allows you to create highly-targeted field programs that match your campaign’s message with the interests and histories of voters. By targeting your voters more accurately, you use those limited campaign resources more effectively, making voter management software something your campaign can’t afford to do without.

Political Data Management software allows every campaign to take advantage of the powerful tools of modern, targeted field programs. And since Software is a web-based system, campaigns can also use it to coordinate staff members and volunteers based in different locations. Some campaigns set up their volunteers to use Software to print out their own walk sheets, then enter their results at the end of the day. They can do all of this without needing to go to the campaign Plateform.

In addition, we’ve designed our Voter management software so you can drill down without a long learning curve. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve made our campaign software do all the heavy lifting.

Power to the people is the core potential in elections, but how do you get it there when the election process and rules can be complicated and difficult.

We create and freely distribute the Election Campaign Management Software, System to make it easier for people to run for office in India. we will encourage younger people to enter the political process as candidates.

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Our campaign software smartly manages your vote, voter files, allows you to target specific voting blocks, sends SMS and tracks all of your mass email, and makes campaign finance reporting a crack.

Election Software, provides Political Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and Political Campaigning for Political Parties. We also Provide We have a varied client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants. Voter software which contains all minute level details of the study in one place.

Election Campaign Management System

Ultimate solution for any kind of Election Campaign Management.

Application for War Room to Monitor Each Booth.

Mobile App for Booth Manager,

You can break down your voter list by any number of criteria:

  • Demographics
  • Voter Data
  • Party affiliation
  • Voting history

Precinct and Ward information:

  • Parliament Election
  • Institutional Election
  • Local Government Election
  • Trade Union Election
  • Internal Organizational Election
  • Voter Database
  • Volunteer Management
  • Event Management
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Bulk SMS for Voters and Volunteers

We also Provide Voter software which contains all minute level details of the study in one place. We have a varied client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants.

We Also Provide Our EMS-

Electioncare SMS provides a cost effective and Cheap SMS delivery capability with fast, simple, effective & efficient real-time communication. There are boundless bulk SMS Software’s available in Market, but before buying any such or cheap SMS software and missing edge of revolution.

Election Software has the leading political and social research unit. With over india dedicated social researchers. Election Software Political & Social is uniquely placed to conduct research on any social issue, in any environment.

We Like A State Wise Booth Management Software(Delhi, Jharkhand, Bihar, Haryana, West Bangal, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jambu Kashmir, Tamil, Maharashtra, Karnatak, ), Election Management Software, Voter Slip Print Software, Voter Parchi Software, Matdata Software, Voter Verify Software, Booth Management Software with voter Programe (Voter List in excel format). Mobile App is easy to use so Any person with knowledge of WhatsApp or Facebook can handle it very easily.Complete Booth level Access control so only Authorised person can see or edit their Booth Data.We have defined a concept of Booth Incharge and Line can be saved & searched later on when needed.User can also manage each and every voter by identifying and entering information like Caste, Social Status like Doctors, Engineers, RWA like groups.

Election Management Software Per Provide cast Wise Voter List, Alphabetical Voter List in Excel, Booth Wise Male And female Voter Count, Booth Wise Age Wise Count, Booth Wise Surname Wise count, Booth wise Per House Wise Voter Counting.

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