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Opinion Poll / Exit Poll

Election Care works on Voter Power and Theory. Under the Opinion Poll and exit poll, we study the selected booth and selected area in your constituency according to the political parameters for the forthcoming assembly / parliamentary elections from your general election and according to the figures taken on the booths received from the survey, a report Prepare it. According to the results obtained through these surveys, we understand the opinion of the voters of our region and study them intensely. According to the figures obtained from the poll, we can adapt the preparation of our election to the electorate of our electoral constituency. Through public observation, it helps us to evaluate voters of the electoral areas of our region on the following points.

• Identifying the issues affecting the election in the election area
• Identifying the person responsible for the issues chosen
• Voter opinion on the eligible candidate of constituency constituency
• Finding the most credible candidate in the eyes of the candidate’s personal support and voters.
• Finding the strongest team in various political parties in the field of election
• Assessing the tenure of the current people (Chairmen / Mayor / District Panchayat member / students/ MP) voter in the eyes of the voters
• Finding the idea of ​​voting for voters of the region

Evaluation is given at some point in the above mentioned above. This point is set on the current situation of your political assembly and the Lok Sabha constituency. For which our team travels for 5 days in your political arena. And understand the situation there. After that the survey form is prepared.

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