Secure Transaction &
Hassle Free Activation

Authenticate your business transactions

Secure transactions and hassle free activations

Ensure authentication of transactions with one time password (OTP). Help customers with safe online transactions offering better customer service.

User Activation

One Time Passwords make activation processes easier, efficient and seamless. Send activation codes via SMS to phone numbers to validate the mentioned number. It’s the perfect way to lower user acquisition costs while optimizing every activation regardless of attribution.

Transaction Alerts

Financial transactions are the most critical in nature and are most prone to cyber criminals. Therefore, safeguard your customers’ transactions using OTP services.

Key Features

Secured Pins

Deliver OTPs without any third-party involvement. Share OTPs with your users to ensure authentified process of transactions and activation of accounts.

Fast track system

Fast track routing system that provides the speed that’s critical for authentication and verification of transactions messages.

Push SMSes

Automate OTP pins to the users’ phones without any user action. Let users enjoy hassle free activations and processes.

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