What is Toll Free Number?

A toll free number in India is a 1800-XXXX number on which customer can make a call without paying any call charges. Pan India the same number works and no STD charges are levied. A toll free number can be landed and distributed among different team of sales, support , technical etc depending upon the client’s needs. In all a single number for several departments which can be called @ FREE.

A toll free number get 30% more calls than normal number as well as give the reputation of a customer oriented brand.

Key features for a toll free number are as follows

Welcome Greeting

Greet your customers in their preferred language. Create a powerful impression on the first few seconds of a customer interaction.

Multiple language selection

Make it easy for your customer to understand the IVR in their own preferred language. Simple understanding at IVR level helps in less customer care executive’s interaction.

Simple secure interface

Simple interface to download reports, get alerts, use analytics and other tools of productivity. Switching agents and roles at your fingertips.

Mini CRM

Get the most from our free Mini CRM facility available to each telephone executive. Design fields of your choice with test, dropdown and number options.

Call monitoring

Never miss a business opportunity with missed call list readily available. Daily summary by email for missed call also available as a custom feature

SMS integration

Set sms alerts on call success. Thank customer for their call and ask for their feedback about service satisfaction via sms integration.

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