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ElectionCare uses Political survey and political information technology to change voter behavior. Visit our Political survey or Political information technology divisions to see how we can help you.

Our IT Based Services - Pre Poll Survey, Election war Room Call Center, Election Management Software, Booth Management Software, Voters Management, Janta Darbar Software, Social Media Campaign more etc. . Our IT Based Services - Pre Poll Survey, Election war Room Call Center, Election Management Software, Booth Management Software, Voters Management, Janta Darbar Software, Social Media Campaign more etc. .
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Political Consultant:

Election Care best Political ConsultingPolitical Campaign Services Company in India. Help you boost up your image & reputation using the Voters. We are the Best political consulting firm in India. We make Visible you on multiple channels connections and resources. We Deliver Public Leader & Party Manifesto or Voice to more peoples to aware them. So Join best political campaign management agency of india. We have professional & skilled staff. election care have Good experience in political management in India.  We helped many national & state level leaders to convey their message & Campaign in society through political campaign India. Election Care Services are Digital Base. With Seasoned strategist and the best creative mind in the Political  and IT services, We have the right team to get the good things done…

Our Capabilities

Leadership Traning

We work with top training providers to tie those leadership roles to you. We also have the expertise to help you develop your internal leadership development program.

Analytics & Political Intelligence

Just an indication of the current trend will make you stronger in the future election campaign to put in the best effort and achieve results. Data analytics is also used to understand election results.

Political Strategy Consulting

Political consultation includes strategic alignment of election campaign activities, conducting surveys and technology. Comprehensive evaluation at various points during the election is the key to success.

Introductory Consultation

As a leader, your current focus is to establish your goals. This 3 hours supplementary session is designed to provide you the result of understanding.

Registration of Political Party

Election Care, a broad based political consultancy services for registering a political party with the Election Commission of India services.

Filling of Nomination

Our expert team provides the service of filling the nomination form so that your nomination form does not get any error and it is accepted by the election commission.

Consistuency Profilling

With the help of this, we make you aware of the extraordinary points of the area from the ordinary.

Manifesto Creation

A better manifesto is attached to the hearts of the voters, which directly benefits the candidate in any election. Election Care is ready to work on the manifesto for you.

Documentry Services

We are able to keep our thoughts to the people through proper and attractive document in the form of video for the achievement of your goal.

Assembly Voter's Research

After thorough information and research about the voters in the assembly constituency, make a strategy.

Election Expenditure Management

Our experts provide Post Election Expense Management Services.

Consituency Centric Political Stratesies

To formulate central political strategies in the elected area and tell you how to work on them.

Consituency And Voter Base Profilling

We work on the profile of the elected area on the basis of voters for best results.

Reputation Management

Our team works to assess your image in your constituency and enhance your image.

PR & Media Management

Through our strategies, we have been able to create an emotional connect with the voters through print media, digital, online and social media.

Voter Communication

Regular coordination of a good leader with the voters of the area is necessary, our team is able to work on it.

Fund Raising Programe

We will build a wide network of your supporters before your campaign and raise funds from them as part of fundraising strategies.

Filed Survey and Voter Connectivity

Your reach to voters will be increased through land survey.

Vote Appeal & Awareness

We have got a better experience of making voters aware and making our appeal to the voters through digital medium.

Political Branding Activity at Ground

In this, the team will have to work on the ground to enhance your image.

Door To Door Campaign

We provide door-to-door campaign services for the promotion of the candidate.

Shadow Campaign

We are ready for you to strengthen your position in the candidate field with the help of Chhaya Abhiyan.

Booth Management

We are ready for you to strengthen your position in the candidate field with the help of Booth Management.

Advertising Vans

We organize & manage Events, Conferences, Promotional activity and LED On Vehicles, LED Backdrop, Road Shows, Promotions etc.

Election Care Services Explained

There has been an increase in the political agitation regarding the assembly elections, such that the stir only increases when the election is about to come. There are two teams in the election game, the voter and the candidate.
In this game, our task is to understand the behavior of the voter and make a strategy to make it in our favor.
There will be many of you candidates who either want to contest elections or have taken a step ahead and formed your own party. After this you leave the work to us, say that since 10 years our experienced team has worked with many parties like you and you, who have covered the journey from floor to Top together with us.
Our name is Election Care and Google Bhaiya will take you to us with great ease. We are the Election Management Company who will give a new flight to your political career.

Election Care Serve Also

Political Election Campaign & Promotion

If you’re thinking about starting an IT business, one of the essential steps is specifying your services. Provide political e-campaign service in India to help you boost up your image & reputation using the target society (Voters). We have professional & skilled staff with more years experience in political e-support.

Time is very important in political e-campaign because the right message at right time should reach people so that it may help in increasing the followers and reaching the targeted audience in limited time. Developing a positive image and to make sure it reaches to each and every person in the constituency.

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