Delhi Assembly Election 2020: Preparation for Delhi Assembly Election 2020: All political parties are stirring

Election Care - December 2, 2019 - 0 comments

The election season has once again come under discussion regarding the Jharkhand elections. Jharkhand elections have started, in such a situation, it can be estimated that Delhi Assembly elections could be held between January and February 2020. At present, the AamAadmi Party in Delhi is fully active in the public with regard to its functioning and the AamAadmi Party is completely pushing the BJP to prepare to wash the BJP again this time. is. The BharatiyaJanata Party (BhartiyaJanta party) and the Congress (Congress) have also been fully involved in electoral preparations. In the race to become an MLA, the BJP has instructed its current councilors and workers and leaders to make the work done by the BJP public. The BharatiyaJanata Party has made it clear that all their workers should work at the grassroots level, do not make rounds of the party office in the ticket competition. It has also been clarified by the BJP that such a person will be made a candidate for the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections by the party’s hardworking worker and in view of the election equations for the assembly seat.

The BJP party is failing to publicize the work of its municipal councilors as the responsibility of the workers of the local unit and it is because of them that the image of the party has been damaged. The BJP party is preparing a plan to encircle the Kejriwal government in Delhi on the issue of stopping the Central Government’s schemes and authorizing unauthorized colonies. In order to authorize unauthorized colonies on the electoral environment, the Congress has named it Election Joomla. The BJP government is also trying to surround the Kejriwal government on the issue of contaminated water.

Along with this, the BJP is preparing a plan to contest the election by not deciding the name of the Chief Minister in the upcoming assembly elections. A target of about 55-60 seats has been set by the BJP party in the Delhi Assembly elections 2020.

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